Voice Dialogue

My first experience of Voice Dialogue was over 20 years ago. Having regular sessions over the years and finding the process enormously helpful in getting to know myself and dealing with some sticky life situations, I decided to embark on a 3 year professional training in Voice Dialogue so I could share this with others – both my existing clients and people looking for Voice Dialogue alone.


Voice Dialogue is a process whereby you get to know yourself – both the aspects of your personality that are essentially running the show – your primary selves – and the aspect of your personality that you have pretty much hidden under the carpet in order to get by in life – your disowned selves. We call getting to know all aspects of yourself an ‘aware ego’ process in Voice Dialogue terms. With an aware ego you can take all of yourself into account and have real choice when making decisions in your life, and in how you relate to other people.

Come along and get to know your selves!

The Voice Dialogue process was developed by two very experienced Psychologists from the US - Hal and Sidra Stone. You can find out more about them and Voice Dialogue on their website.