What is a Western Medical Herbalist?

A qualified western medical herbalist, otherwise known as a Herbal Practitioner, has undertaken University level training including study of medical sciences, diagnostic skills, pharmacology, materia medica and herbal therapeutics, in addition to completion of a minimum of 500 hours of supervised clinical training, qualifying with a BSc in Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy).

Western medical herbalists use primarily British, European and North American herbs, although some Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs are also used.

Qualified herbalists of all traditions should belong to a professional practitioner organisation where all members are covered by full professional insurance and adhere to a strict professional code of ethics.  To find a trusted herbalist look out for the HerbMark.

HerbMark is a kite mark of quality that enables members of the public to choose a herbalist who is fully qualified and fit to practise.

"In a largely unregulated market, we understand that you need to be sure that the herbalist you consult is competent to prescribe herbal  medicines, having the relevant education, professional membership, insurance and other standards of professional practice necessary." 


HerbMark is issued to practitioners who are members of professional associations affiliated to the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA) whose members who meet these strict standards of practice.

These professional associations (listed alphabetically) are:

  • British Association of Traditional Tibetan Medicine

You can visit the above websites to find a herbalist of your choice in your area.

The HerbMark signifies a practitioner who will do his/her utmost to answer your health needs.


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