Seeing a Herbalist - the treatment

Your medicine will usually consist of an individualised blend of tinctures (liquid plant extracts) to be taken three times a day. You may also be provided with tablets, tea, capsules and/or cream if required.

You will be given enough medicine for around ten days after your first consultation. We will speak on the telephone after one week to see how you are getting along with the medicine and then more medicine can either be collected from the Exeter practice or posted to you. Follow-up appointments are usually made at intervals of two to eight weeks to monitor your progress. You can ring the Exeter practice on weekday mornings to ask for more medicine if you think you will run out before your next appointment.

The time-scale of treatment depends on your condition and how long you have had it. In acute conditions treatment can be very quick and may not require follow-ups. With chronic conditions treatment will take longer, but you will not need to take the medicine forever! The aim is to help your body into a state of health where you no longer need the medicine.  Although herbal medicine and other diet and lifestyle modifications can also be used as preventative medicine - prevention is always better than cure!