Seeing a Herbalist - the Consultation

An initial consultation lasts for around one hour, during which time a detailed case history is taken. Current, past and family medical history is explored, along with your diet and lifestyle, in order to find out how you arrived in your current state of health and what treatment would best help you. I aim to provide a caring, supportive environment and all consultations are kept strictly confidential.

Qualified herbalists are trained to use the same diagnostic skills as a GP. Physical examinations, such as taking your blood pressure, will be carried out with your consent, where appropriate. With your agreement, a referral back to your GP for further tests can be made if necessary.

An assessment of your case, a schedule for treatment and any suggestions for dietary and lifestyle changes will be discussed with you.

Drop In - Acute conditions
If you have an acute (short-term) condition such as a cough, cold, sore throat or other short-term illness that has not been recurring, then you may come for a shorter consultation known as a drop in. A briefer medical history will be taken and you will be prescribed herbs for a short period of time.